The Music Competition Online

The Music Competition Online is a platform for pupils, students and musicians of all ages and levels. It welcomes contestants from all around the world, without age restrictions, communicating through the Internet.

Enjoy the brand new way of playing.

Upon registering and entering the competition, participants choose the pieces from among the compositions indicated in the program, and then video record themselves by webcam or smartphone without any pressure, fear, or stress. Participants can record their performance over and over again as many times as they think it is necessary, in order to achieve the very best recording. Once they feel that the performance is ready to be shared, then they can submit it for the competition!


Unlike the usual evaluation in competitions where participants have small audiences listening to their performances, an internet-based evaluation can be assessed with more precision, making it possible for the jury to evaluate you as fairly and scrupulously as possible. A minimum of four qualified judges will be evaluating the audition materials for each instrument. All the judges of the competition are famous and internationally recognized (from Europe, Asia, the Americas…).

How to Apply ?

The application process is straightforward:

  1. Log in to The Music Competition Online website (
  2. Check the posted repertoire (mandatory and elective categories/pieces).
  3. Fill out the application form; send video recording; send evidence of a donation payment.

Financial expenses.

The only cost to enter the competition is the application fee. Because the competition is 100% online, participants do not need to incur transportation or lodging expenses. This modality greatly reduces the expenses that musicians typically incur during music competitions.

Submit your video recording so that the entire world can see you!

Often during music competitions, huge musical energy, work, and effort made by pupils and their teachers is partially lost to audiences, given the limited time allotted for each individual performance. The Music Competition Online gives participants an excellent possibility to replay their performance on demand via streaming, by audiences around the world, as many times as they want. Your recording will be published on our channel and become part of the permanent archive of the competition.