Bertrand Giraud, French Pianist, played on 45 countries as soloist or chamber music (with such artists as Pierre Amoyal, Bruno Canino), recorded 20 cds. Judges for many nationals and internationals competition. He gave many masterclass in Serbie, Germania, Kazakhstan (Academy of music of Astana), Lebanon, (Conservatoire supérieur du Liban), Université of music (Pristina/Kosovo), USA, Yonsei University of Seoul (South Korea), Gnessin School of Moscow.

Linshu LI (China) : Pianist who took 7 years in Paris for her study of classical piano and pedagogy at the normal school of music in Paris . During her life in France, she participated in piano competitions and played concerts with French musicians to the public. She had a lot of passion for making Franco-Chinese musical communications (for example, the 2014 concert ; the 2015 painting exhibition concert; and also the piano concert and duet of 2017; recital of two pianos in Chengdu 2019 etc.) From 2017, she organizes the masterclass of piano-chamber music in China regularly every year, at the same time she works as the piano teacher in China for all levels of students.

馬丁. 科諾斯基 (PhD, CUNY Graduate Center, 2003) 博士是一位屢次獲獎的大學講師和作曲家。他曾獲得由加拿大國家藝術委員會,新不倫瑞克省(New Brunswick)藝術委員會,Fulbright, ASCAP, 和阿根廷國家藝術基金所頒發的獎項。 他的音樂非常有個人特色。他常常以他個人的音樂經歷和故鄉阿根廷的一些民族色彩作為他音樂的素材。馬丁博士曾去過歐洲,亞洲,大洋洲,和美洲做巡迴演出,當中包括他個人的演出和他所參與的管弦樂隊的演奏。馬丁博士曾參與一些國家和國際的研討會並作過學術報告,當中一些關於音樂與教學的文章被刊登在權威的學術雜誌上。馬丁科諾斯基博士現任教于加拿大聖托馬斯大學. 藝術系,並兼任該系主任。 馬丁博士也曾在紐約的城市大學和阿根廷的知名院校教學。 更多馬丁博士的介紹可以在他的個人網頁www.contrapunctus.com找到。

Philippe Portejoie, French Sax Player. He has received numerous awards as a Soloist and as a Chamber Muscian. He has played and recorded with the main French Orchestras (Paris Orchestra, France National Orchestra, Radio-France Philarmonic Orchestra, Colonne Orchestra, Ile-de-France Orchestra, Opera Orchestra, Toulouse Orchestra, Oays-de-Loire Orchestra, Slovac Orchestra, Orquesta Sonfónica de Bogotá…) and with a number of directors like Jeffrey Tate, Myu-Wung Chung, Michel Plasson, Peter Eotvos, Luciano Beri, Marek Janowsky, Kurt Mazur, Marc Soustrot, Dervaux). He plays duo saxophone and piano with Fédérique Lagarde, with whom he has recorded 9 CDs and has played in more than 250 concerts. Along with Claude Bolling’s Big Band, he plays first sax alto and has recorded more than a dozen CDs and done more than 500 concerts.

He’s shared the big stage in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Cheque Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Greece, South Korea, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Reunion Island, Canada, Taiwan, Latvia, Guadalupe and Brazil with Top Jazz Players.

He frequently gives master classes like at the Nice International Summer Academy, Flaine International Academy, Colombes International Academy, Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, National and Javeriana Universities of Bogota and the Antioquia University of Medellin, Janacek de Ostrava Conseratory, Oslo Royal Conservatory, Seoul University, Universtiy of Taipei, Curitiba Festival, CAFAM Bogota, among others.

Мila Shkirtil, Mezzo Soprano

She graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov Music College in Choir Conducting and Solo Singing, and from the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire of St. Petersburg in Solo Singing. She made her debut in Vivaldi’s “Gloria” in 1994 at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall. Since 1997, Ms. Schkirtil was engaged in performances of the Opera and Ballet Theater of St. Petersburg Conservatoire and she made her Opera debut abroad in 2001 in “Don Carlos” production (Eboli) of the Stadttheter Klagenfurt, Austria. Mila Schkirtil concertizes much, performing opera parts, cantatas and oratorios with orchestras of several cities of Russia and Europe. She has appeared with chamber programs at the best venues of St. Petersburg and abroad (in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Eastland, Italy, Brazil, the United States and Japan). 

Mila Schkirtil has recorded several CDs for Delos (Complete Vocal Compositions by D. Shostakovich and Complete Songs and Romances by M. Glinka) and Northern Flowers. (Complete Songs and Romances by A. Glazunov, Our Lady’s Rejoicing in Sorrow by D. Smirnov, vocal cycles by G. Sviridov and B. Tchaikovsky, Songs by Russian composers of the first half of the 19th century, Vocal works by V. Gavrilin and collected songs by A. Rubinstein) as well as three programs for Naxos (Kuzmin, Tishchenko and Sviridov).

At present she is teaching vocal art at the Mussorgsky Music College in St Petersburg.

Sihana Badivuku-violinist (Kosovo)
Sihana Badivuku – Hoxha, distinguished Kosovar violinist, was born in Prishtina/Kosovo in 1967, in a musician family. She accomplished elementary and secondary musical school in Prishtina,at the class of prof. Vančo Stoilkov,Blagoja Dimčevski and Pavel Vernikov. At age of 16 she became student of Kiev State Conservatoire”P.I.Tchaikovski”at class of Ukranian prof., Violinist Bogodar Kotorovich(1983-1984).From 1984 she became student at the Moscow State Conservatorium “P.I. Tchaikovsky” where she graduated with well known Prof. Eugenia Tchougaeva , and completed her Master degree(MA).
She played with distinguished artists in chamber ensembles: Pavel Vernikov, Derek Han,Frank S.Dodge,Stephen Prutsman,Matthew Barley,Pierluigi Camicia,Francesco de Zan,Bertrand Giraud ,Alfredo Oyaguez,etc. Active professional collaboration with pianists:Lejla Pula,Teuta Pllana,Meri Stoilkova,Zana Badivuku,Jouni Sommero,Maja Kastratovich&Derek Han.

An international soloist, Suzanna Klintcharova performs in Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East. She appears regularly in recitals and chamber music. As an invited guest of many famous orchestras, among them The Sofia Philharmonic, The Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony, The San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, The Sofia Soloists, The Provence Apes Côte d’Azur Orchestra, The Bulgarian Radio and TV Orchestra, The Antwerp Philharmonic, The National Orchestra of Belgium, The Kansai Philharmonic Osaka – to name a few, she is appreciated for the quality of her performance and for her wide repertory of harp concertos.

Born in Sofia, Suzanna Klintcharova lives in Paris and New York.

Formed in her native town, in Brussels and in Paris among her masters were Susanna Mildonian and Pierre Jamet with whom she specialized in French music. Member of the most prestigious harp contest’s jury, she is  giving master classes trough Europe and USA.

Suzanna Klintcharova has made a contribution in the research and transcription of music for the harp. Supporting the creation of contemporary music, she has premiered numerous pieces for harp, many of them dedicated to her. She is a member of CDMC in Paris. Her interest in improvisation and contemporary jazz has found accomplishment in a duo with Steve Lacy featured several times at the Radio France concert series. 

She has recorded about twenty harp concertos and other works for harp and orchestra as well as solo CDs.Her recordings are released by more than ten labels worldwide, their number increasing steadily. They are chosen for the Bibliothèque Nationale de France Collection.

Jonathan LEMARQUAND is a French guitar and vihuela player.

He performs as soloist and in chamber formation such as early music group named “Passerelle” or guitar duo named “1 pour 2 contemporains”.

He’s given concerts in France and Europe. His musical works highlight the discovery of new repertoires through Middle-Age music and contemporary creations.

He’s Graduated from Center of higher music education in Dijon (DE, DNSPM), and studied ethnomusicology fields in La Sorbonne (Master). Nowadays, Jonathan is teaching in France as Professor of ancient and modern music for guitars. He proposes learning based on sound research, creation, accompaniment and improvisation. He’s using both oral and written transmissions from our traditions.

Blerim Grubi, viola player from Kosovo. He completed his studies at the Faculté et Music Art in Skopje in the class of prof. L. Gospodinov. He received his master’s degree in 1999. He took part in concerts de la music festivals throughout the former Yugoslavia. Regular participant of the Festivals “Summer of Ohrid”, “Macedonian Music Days”, International Chamber Music Festival in Pristina. He was also presented at the UNICEF in Skopje and Osjek. He is a violinist-leader at the Macedonian Philharmonic. Cours The perfection continued at the “Academia Chigiana” in Sienne, Italy with the world-famous violinist prof. Jurij Bashmet. He has given concerts in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, France and Spain. He is a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts in Prishtina and at the Pedagogical Faculty of Skopje. He is the viola leader of the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Alive of the Vivendi Ensemble.

Yuri Serov, Russian Pianist

Graduated from the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in 1993, he has studied in Salzburg and Weimar as well. As a conductor and a pianist, Yuri Serov has toured many cities of more than 35 countries; he has recorded over 70 CDs for a number of labels of Russia, Belgium, Japan and the USA.

At present, he is director of the St. Petersburg Mussorgsky Music College and conductor and artistic director of the St Petersburg Mussorgsky Youth Symphony orchestra. He is Artistic Director of the Northern Flowers international music festival, founder and editor of the CD series St. Petersburg Musical Archive.

The Italian guitarist Gabriele Natilla graduated at Niccolò Piccini State Conservatory (Bari),  at Accademia Chigiana of Siena with Oscar Ghiglia, at Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris with Alberto Ponce. At the same time he took lessons with Flavio Cucchi in Florence. He also obtained a degree of University of Siena with a thesis in semiotics about the Jewish humour. Passionate about early music, he regularly attended the Valtice (Czech Republic) summer courses. He plays also the 19th century guitar, the theorbo, the baroque guitar and the archlute. 

He obtained prizes in several international competitions, he recorded solo CDs (in Korea and Japan) featuring Italian music, he played concerts in about fifteen countries around Europe, in Israel, Morocco, USA, Korea and Japan. Aside his solo performances, he is involved in several durable projects: « Lo sonar dell’alma » and « Les Esquisses » for baroque music, « Tempéré variable » featuring guitar duo works by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, the quartet « Zellige », « Un air d’Italie » with the singer Cristina Marocco…

Since 2010 he is co-director of Sul Tasto international guitar festival in Paris. He teaches at the Conservatory of Argenteuil, near Paris. 

法韩长笛艺术家Mihi Kim是活跃于国际的长笛独奏家,她曾在许多国家的著名音乐厅举行了近1000场演出。 Mihi Kim是巴黎高等师范音乐学院教授,同时也是法国巴黎Issy-les-Moulineaux音乐学院的法国国家教授(PEA)。她在演奏时使用宫泽制作的的白金长笛。 她与钢琴家贝特朗·吉罗(Bertrand Giraud)合作创作的专辑《 Le Cavalier Bleu》,以Anima Records标签发行,受到了国际媒体的好评。 Mihi Kim出生于韩国首尔,曾就读于巴黎国立高等音乐舞蹈学院(CNSMDP)以及德国科隆和慕尼黑音乐学院。她拥有法国DAI(表演艺术家文凭以及巴黎国立高等音乐舞蹈学院博士文凭)。她是第五届巴黎Jean-Pierre Rampal国际比赛的获奖者,并荣获德国拜罗伊特国际比赛的一等奖。她受到马克西姆·文格罗夫(Maxim Vengerov),玛莎·阿尔格里希(Martha Argerich),斯洛莫·明兹(Shlomo Mintz),希拉里·哈恩(Hilary Hahn)和詹姆斯·高威(James Galway)大师等大师的启发,与她保持着密切而友好的关系。